Image 2aThis reporting style is the most economical of all the reports. On inspection of the property our team of engineers will provide the heads up and then within a week will provide the Capital Expenditure (Capex) in immediate / medium term / long term.

    The heads up generally consists of major deal breakers and highlighting significant issues with the property related to services engaged for in the fee proposal.

    The Capex includes the items which in the immediate term like within a year is most likely to be involved with the property; medium term which includes item in the 2-5 years of the property and long term which includes item in the 6-10 years of the property are most likely to incur Capital expenditure.

    Please note we cover all services of the property and do not restrict to the building structure and façade. As of today majority of the residential property reports do not provide Capex with heads up.

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