Before signing a lease You should familiarise yourself with the terms of the lease and its dilapidations implications before signing the contract. A chartered building surveyor can advise you on the implications of the clauses you are signing up to. During the lease term You should consider the potential of future dilapidations liability during the term of your lease and budget for it. If you carry out alteration works to the premises then it is likely that your landlord may require to you reinstate those alterations before the lease ends. Near the end of the lease You should be aware of the extent of dilapidations work you have committed to complete. This can be a complicated assessment and it would be normal for you to engage a chartered building surveyor who is experienced in dilapidations to advise you. Unless you have completed all the building work which the lease you signed and any licences for alterations required you to carry out, you should expect to receive a Schedule of Dilapidations from your landlord. If you have made any alterations to the property during your lease, your landlord may serve you with a notice to reinstate the alternations you have made. This notice can be included in the Schedule of Dilapidations or sent separately.

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